This project was printed on uncoated, 100# paper, 5.5x33", folded with 8.25 panels. 
MarketStar has partnered with Intel for almost 23 years, boosting sales and creating an effective sales model. With an upcoming global meeting with some of the brightest minds in Intel and MarketStar, we wanted to paint a picture of the colorful story of our partnership.
STR is a robot that shows the stages of our growth together. Our journey started out confusing and small with the STR2002, growing into the awkward teen years of experimentaion with the STR2006, upgrading to the STR2012 after learning and maturing, and finally to the STR2015 where we are today. STR2015 is agile, intelligent, and globally minded.
This piece was presented and distributed to encourage partnership with MarketStar.

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